Our aim

Make late-stage diseases a rarity by detecting them at their earliest stages using AI.

We believe the world will be a healthier place when everyone, everywhere, is empowered to practice proactive wellness

We are developing comprehensive solutions to complex problems along the entire care continuum with the brightest minds, leading institutions, and a real-time R&D lab.

We continue to advance our mission with several patents pending that stem from a proprietary data set across more than a million patients and partnerships with industry-leading institutions. At the core of it all is our exceptional research and development team.

In order to make late-stage diseases a rarity by detecting them at their earliest stages, we needed a premier dataset to drive the efficacy and accuracy of our products.

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology has been essential from day one and continues to play a pivotal role as we look ahead to developing groundbreaking and life-changing products.

Owning and operating mammography clinics helped us understand the needs and pain points of our direct customers and theirs, the patient. These clinics served as the breeding grounds for R&D starting with ACT, our compliance improvement software which launched in 2018.


The Pink Ribbon Girls

From the very beginning, we’ve worked closely with patient-focused breast and ovarian cancer nonprofit, Pink Ribbon Girls, to ensure we build the voice of the woman into the DNA of our products.

In our early days, the women of PRG provided deep insights from their own cancer journies to drive product discovery. As we take products to market, they continue to be a crucial partner in our mission.

Pink Ribbon Girls is a nonprofit that provides meals, transportation, house cleaning, and peer support free of charge to breast cancer or gynecological cancer patients at their time of greatest need. Whiterabbit is honored to support the organization in their serving their important mission as well.

Founder Story

Whiterabbit was founded in 2017 to redefine the breast cancer screening and diagnosis experience, in order to improve patient outcomes.

From the start, we’ve focused on developing innovative software products that address critical issues in the cancer screening process from start to finish, from driving patient compliance to enhancing provider accuracy and outcomes. We believe the right technology will empower patient engagement by improving the quality of care.

Our Leadership Team