We are working towards a future where late-stage diseases are a rarity by developing products to help detect them at their earliest stages.

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Software purpose-built to increase compliance, increase revenue, and improve patient outcomes.

Our vision is to develop an AI-suite of compliance improvement software and adjunctive aids that will solve complex problems with comprehensive solutions across the entire care continuum.

We have developed a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) suite to improve:

Breast cancer screening compliance rates

Breast cancer risk and breast density accuracy, consistency, and workflow

Clinic operations to ensure patients receive timely and compassionate care

Capacity utilization and forecasting

The patient experience through a mobile app that gives the consumer access to their medical images with the ability to share instantly


AI-powered software solution designed to dramatically increase breast cancer screening compliance.


Creating uniformity of density assessments at a practice level.


An end-to-end digital solution for breast cancer risk assessment.

Find out how our products can help your business increase compliance, increase revenue and improve outcomes.

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Using some of the world's largest radiology data sets, our team of experts have developed a suite of AI-powered tools that enable dramatic change across the full testing lifecycle.

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Our products have made an impact at more than 300 breast health centers across the country.

ACT has driven a
20% improvement in compliance YOY for our largest customer.¹

WRDensity has demonstrated an 82.2% accuracy (BI-RADS A, B, C, D) compared to inter-radiologist agreement at just 67.4%.²

Our Research

We are dedicated to advancing the vanguard of training, validation, and application of AI to benefit patients, radiologists, clinic operators, and payors; take a moment to review some of our work.


1  Whiterabbit data on file

2  From “A Multisite Study of a Breast Density Deep Learning Model for Full-Field Mammography and Synthetic Mammography” published in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence