Give patients peace of mind by improving quality of care.

Our suite of compliance improvement software and adjunctive aids solve complex problems with comprehensive solutions. By developing robust AI technologies, we can enable more cancer screening and help identify breast cancer risks.

ACT is our AI-powered compliance improvement software developed to dramatically increase breast cancer screening compliance. The product was trained on millions of data points, designed to motivate the user to action through an intelligent combination of email, text, phone calls, and push notifications tailor-fit to the patient.

Already implemented in more than 300 clinics in the U.S., ACT has driven over 20% year-over-year growth in screening volume compared to a previous average of about 1% or less growth per year.

ACT has served more than 2 million women to date.

WRDensity provides objective data to help radiologists more quickly identify the level of breast density, which is an important risk factor for developing breast cancer and requires greater attention by a radiologist because it is more difficult to assess. This product received FDA clearance in October 2020.

WRRisk is a clinical decision support software that assigns a risk rating to a patient to drive a digital personalized screening plan for more consistent follow-up recommendations and more accurate diagnosis. This approach helps to catch cancers in the women that are at the greatest risk.

We aren’t done yet. In order to advance our mission, we are focused on the AI-driven products to come that will continue to drive compliance, diagnostic accuracy, and patient peace of mind. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new product launches.

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